the research project

We are a team of musicians, artists,  researchers, engineers, and scholars at Arizona State University who want to share this work with the local youth music community to understand how it fosters new modes of engagement and participation in music and technology. Can ASRs enact communities of collaboration that rely less on music notation as a prerequisite for involvement? Do they put the violin in touch with the kinds of music engagement that happen outside of school, such as covering, remixing, sample-based producing, and tutorial creation? Are they useful for introducing violinists to the algorithmic arts, computational thinking, and STEAM collaboration? Experimentation with ASRs invokes a triad of coding, instrument making, and composition, and generates novel connectivities and forms of social and musical praxis.

artists and educators

Alternative R&B | Supported by Bristol In Stereo, EARMILK, Earhart.

Assistant Professor of Music Composition @ Arizona State University

Institute Professor; Professor of the Practice @ Arizona State University

Assistant Professor of Music Engineering @ Arizona State University

Professor of Violin @ Arizona State University

research team


Education and Qualitative Research Methods. Professor and Director of Doctoral Programs, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College @ ASU


Music Learning and Teaching, Community Partnerships. Associate Professor and Director of Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education @ ASU


Project Manager and Research Assistant. Doctoral Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant, Music Teaching & Learning @ ASU


Principal Investigator, Inventor and Creative Director. Clinical Assistant Professor of Media Computing in Arts, Media + Engineering @ ASU


STEM Lead. NSF Career Award. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. Head of BioElectrical Systems and Technology @ ASU


Technical Coordinator and Research Assistant. Undergraduate Student in Arts, Media + Engineering @ ASU